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If someone mentions how bad the current air quality is, most of us quickly assume that what is being discussed is the air outside. After all, with all of the smog and pollution from automobiles and factories, surely it is outdoor air that is to blame for our respiratory problems and allergies, right? Most people would be shocked to learn that the air inside their home is four to five times as bad as the air they breathe outside, quite the opposite of the general assumption. Unfortunately, the high concentration levels of the pollutants within your house are not merely annoying but could lead to long term health issues for you and any other occupants in your property.

If you are looking for indoor air quality services in Albany, then look no further than our dependable team at Grasshopper Heating and Cooling. We are highly experienced at providing options for homeowners, such as humidifiers and various types of filters.

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Why You Need Air Quality Services in Your Home

You may be surprised to learn that the real reason buildings have poor quality is not because they are problematically constructed. In fact, the trouble is that residences nowadays are actually built too well. By densely packing in so much insulation along the doors, windows, and walls to retain heat during the winter, buildings trap air inside. This makes for a much more efficient heating and cooling system. However, along with the air that cannot escape, your atmosphere becomes a hub for lint, dust, dander, mites, allergens, and bacteria. Once these contaminants get into your ducts and vent system, it can be difficult to remove them from the air circulating throughout the property.

How Our Albany Indoor Air Quality Team Can Help You Today

Fortunately, our team is knowledgeable at using a comprehensive range of effective solutions to address your indoor air quality needs.

Some of our most popular products and services include:

  • Air filters: One of the most effective ways of completely getting rid of hazardous contaminants is by the use of air filters, which blocks and traps any pollutant, letting out fresh, clean air in the process.

  • Air purifiers: If you are seeking to go a step further and utterly obliterate these pollutants, you can use our top-of-the-line purifiers. These advances allow you to get rid of these floating hazards by either using UV rays or ionization in a way that is safe for humans but deadly for microbes.

  • Humidifiers and dehumidifiers: Depending on where you live, you may be experiencing great fluctuations of humidity – sometimes too high, at other times to low. The extreme ends of having too much or too little moisture can lead to an entire breeding ground of hazardous contaminants. By having a perfectly balanced environment, you can eliminate either extreme that creates terrible air quality.

Satisfaction You Can Count On

We are very confident that you will be satisfied by finally having fresh, clean air on your property, and we will not rest until you are satisfied. Trust in Grasshopper Heating and Cooling to find the best solution for you when it comes to any indoor air quality services in Albany.

Contact us now at (518) 535-1488 and enjoy the experience of fresh, high-quality air.

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